Kate Gardner


Coaching & Consulting for High-Achievers

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a high-achiever who’s ready to play at the next level.

You’re already a master at getting things done. You have a track record of success. But you also have an imagination that pushes you to go beyond the excellence you already give. Whatever profession you’re in – finance, design, non-profit, tech, law – you see new possibilities for making a bigger impact.

You know there’s more to life than just collecting a good paycheck. You probably feeling stressed, bored or even downright unhappy. The success you worked so hard to reach isn’t enough now. You crave the sense of purpose and meaning that used to energize you. You might even have some (perhaps foggy) ideas about what’s next. But the thought of making changes can make you feel overwhelmed and even fearful. “What if I don’t choose the right path? What if I don’t succeed?” You worry about what you might lose, and it can feel paralyzing.

Yet, you know you have a song in you that needs singing. It may be one you’ve forgotten or one you’ve never dared to sing full out.

My name is Kate Gardner, and I’m an expert at drawing out the unsung dream – a dream that might even seem impossible right now. I work with my clients to get their dream clear and bright. Then I guide them to manifest it step-by-step – so they create not just outer success, but also inner success. That’s what makes my heart sing.

My background stretches from the macro level – working on billion-dollar Wall Street deals and leading a presidential campaign that put the first woman and first African-American on the ballot in all 50 states – to the micro-level when I engineered exponential leaps in income and recognition for a boutique design firm. One of my dreams – creating a grassroots soap opera between New Yorkers and Kenyans – exceeded my imagining when it produced a cross-border community that saved lives.

I personally know the vulnerability of shedding an old skin for a new one, of taking back the steering wheel from self-doubt, of launching – with knees shaking – a cherished idea to see if it will fly. Sometimes it takes flight, sometimes it doesn’t. But the flops are the launch pad for the next rocket.

I understand the courage needed, the experimental process that mitigates risk and maximizes success, and the practical tools it takes to leap into the next life.

My clients manifest their dreams for powerful results at macro and micro levels. They build successful businesses doing what they love, speak at the UN, expand their business to consult for the world’s largest brands, win awards, operationalize a company from start-up to acquisition, win stolen wages for immigrants, double their income and job gratification, make breathtakingly beautiful things, make millions, even save their marriage. They accomplish these things by learning how to sing their unique song so it is heard and answered.

If you’re ready to take yourself or your company to another level, if you’re ready to tap into your growing spirit and live it fully – call me and we’ll talk.