Kate Gardner

Business Consultant + Executive Coach + Writer + Organizer



I was a highly competent, hard worker, but couldn’t seem to achieve the high-level position, salary and job satisfaction I wanted. Kate helped me to see myself as a valuable leader with an important mission. And, she gave me the tools to be that leader. My colleagues noticed the change immediately, and I started to get unsolicited job offers. Within a year, I got my dream job complete with the executive status I wanted and a 43% salary increase! I never imagined I could be this gratified and happy in my career. Thanks, Kate!

—Mary M, Agency Director


I was almost paralyzed when I called Kate to help me sort out a financial mess that threatened to destroy my interior design business. I was scared and embarrassed, and I couldn't see a solution. Then Kate took me gently but firmly by the hand. With utter clarity and kindness, and without judgment, she helped me take the steps I needed to get on solid financial footing. My business had its most successful year last year, and, for this first time, I have peace of mind.

 —Richard M, Interior Designer


Working creatively with Kate’s insightful suggestions, I’ve reached heights I only dreamed of. Our collaboration is a critical component of my success in improving the quality of life for older persons globally. My big vision can sometimes leave me feeling overwhelmed. But Kate breaks it down into achievable steps. Together we create alternate routes past roadblocks, evaluate (and perhaps, discard) cherished assumptions, and chart a course that is always evolving. She kicks my butt when needed—but her smile assures me of her unwavering support. Speaking at the United Nations on behalf of older persons and playing a key role in the inclusion of the concerns of older persons in the UN’s adoption of Sustainable Development Goals are some of my high water marks. With Kate’s continuing guidance, I’m confidently taking on the challenges ahead.

—Jack Kupferman, President, Gray Panthers NYC Network


Coaching with Kate has been the most productive time I’ve ever spent. At the start of my journey, I was trapped in a cycle of personal and professional chaos. Kate provided me with much needed clarity and direction. The breakthroughs that I experienced have had a profound impact on my career and my life. Sensitive and insightful, her positive approach to life is refreshing, and I left each session feeling optimistic and motivated. Every meeting with Kate lead to a deeper understanding of my strengths and abilities, and I began to develop my own set of internal tools to meet life's challenges with increasing ease. Thanks to her, I have finally learned to get out of my own way. She helped me break free from stubborn habits and self-imposed barriers, and enabled me to conquer negative thoughts. She challenged me to think more creatively. Most importantly, she guided and kept me focused in honoring the truest expression of who I really am. One year later, I’m the happiest and strongest I’ve ever been. 

Kate is an incredible coach, and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of motivation, guidance, clarity, and inspiration. She has been a wonderful, positive influence in my life, and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you Kate, you are one of a kind!

—Nicole S, Chief Operating Officer


Between my day job, taking classes, and starting my own business, I was feeling very overwhelmed and desperately in need of guidance.  I hired Kate, to help guide me with launching my fashion line.  She was able to problem solve and keep me on track, meeting all of my goals and deadlines not only for my own business, but gave great advice on issues at work and in my personal life.  She helped me do exactly what I needed to do, asked me the right questions, and helped me overcome all obstacles along the way.  Even after working with her, she still keeps in touch to make sure everything is going smoothly and is always checks-in. I recommend her to everyone I can!

 —Asma I, Fashion Designer and Social Entrepreneur