Kate Gardner

Executive Coach + Business Consultant + Muse


Kate Gardner



I help people build things of benefit and beauty. I believe passionately in the power of creativity and community to change the world.

For over 15 years, I've been a coach and trusted advisor to high performers – executives in technology, finance and social change, designers and attorneys.

A former private investigator on Wall Street, I consulted for Fortune 100 companies, top investment banks and hedge funds, and major law firms. My due diligence examinations of thousands of companies nationally and internationally taught me best business practices and the importance of creative thinking in all walks of life.

I then signed on as managing partner at a design firm. The principal had big dreams she hadn't been able to realize. Working together, we tripled her income, hired talented staff, and built the support she needed to become an internationally known, award-winning designer. When her colleagues saw these results, they asked for my help – and I ultimately evolved into a professional executive coach and business consultant. 

Living a full life, taking risks and doing different things – from civil engineering to the performing arts, from public relations to community organizing – has given me invaluable insights that now benefit my clients.

I also create education-entertainment projects that build innovative community. BrooKenya! brought together 150 residents in Brooklyn and Kenya into a lifesaving network. Current projects include: a reality TV news show featuring crusading young reporters battling financial corruption; and a project to spark constructive dialogue across the American divide using storytelling and cutting-edge communication technology.

I've presented and led workshops for various organizations, including New York Women in Business, Financial Women's Association and Savvy Ladies, as well as guest lecturing in the Creative Entrepreneurship program at the Fashion Institute of Technology.