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Create the Future


Here’s my Post-Election Declaration and Offering.  
1. Earthquake
It’s an earthquake. Upheaval and turmoil. Underground rumblings shifting the foundation, old structures cannot stand as they were. Tensions and contradictions tightening and tightening over many years now suddenly released all at once. Revealing what we have hidden from ourselves
Take a look around. It’s not what we think. Open your eyes. Talk to strangers. We have not been here before. This is a new landscape.
II. The Grass Will Grow – Nurture It
Kenya 2008. An incendiary election unleashes a terrifying flood of fear and hate that threatens to rip the country apart. Kenyans on opposite sides of a political, economic and ethnic divide tear at each other’s throats. In two months, over a thousand are killed and half a million expelled from their homes.
But in the midst of dark swirling hatred, there are those weaving acts of humanity. Like my friend Kitche, who risks his life to feed starving refugees across the tribal line. With compassion and courage they plant the seeds of what will become a future brighter than anyone could imagine.
Protect those in peril. Help those who are hurt. Kitche tells me, “The grass will grow.” It’s our work to nurture it.
III. Create The Future
There are new dangers. There are new opportunities. Departed poet Leonard Cohen still sings to us...
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.
We don’t predict the future. We create it.
The earthquake has left new openings. Find them. Build something that creates a brighter future than we can see from here.
IV. My Offering
If you’re making a gateway for an influx of new beauty and benefit, please let me know. Between now and the New Year, I’m giving as many free consultations as I can for people doing that. I’m also spreading the word on Facebook. (Please visit and ‘Like’ this new page via the Icon in upper right https://www.facebook.com/CreatvActs/)
Love and courage,