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From Mulling to Making

I made a resolution this year to reveal my methods for creating change. Inspired by the successes - inner and outer – of my clients, I’ve been mulling over the idea. I don’t know exactly what I’ll end up making, but I’ve decided to start by writing up some notes about my discoveries and sending them out to the adventurers in my orbit. My hope is that these occasional dispatches from my coaching studio will enhance your career, your business, your life.

From Mulling to Making

I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t want to change something. The desire to make things better – even if everything is fine just the way it is – seems to be a fundamental human drive. 

Everybody has a dream. People come to me so they can make it happen. There is many an obstacle to manifesting a vision (and there’s no cookie cutter solutions despite all the marketing promises you hear). But the number one reason dreams die? 

Failure to Start.

Too often we get a good idea and then get stuck in mulling it over - lost in the delusion that we can figure it out in our heads. Don’t get me wrong, mulling has its place - ideas often need some time to germinate. But linger too long and your ideas can exceed their shelf life. There’s nothing worse than a lot of moldy ideas clogging up your brain and sapping your energy. 

Got an idea you really want to make happen? Stop thinking about it and do something about it. Take this note for instance. Until I started putting some marks on paper, I wasn’t figuring out a damn thing - just spinning endlessly from idea to idea. If I’d waited till I was ready, or tried to avoid the mess of a wastebasket overflowing with crumpled failures, or refused to send you something unless it was perfect - you wouldn’t be reading this right now. 

If you must prolong mulling, I suggest making some aged mulled wine. (Check out the recipe below for Smoking Bishop, most famously served by Scrooge as a small step towards transforming his life in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.)

I bet you have some ideas you’ve been mulling over. How about getting out of that comfortable armchair, dear dreamer? What action – however small - can you take towards getting your idea up and running?  

After you make your move, kick back with a mug of mulled wine and ponder (not for too long) your next move. Toasting you as you go forward...



PS – Please do let me know what you’re up to. If there’s someone who’s stuck and could use a little instigating, please pass this note along to them.
Recipe for Smoking Bishop Mulled Wine
Make several incisions in the rind of a Seville orange, stick cloves in orange and roast by a slow fire. Put small but equal quantities of cinnamon, cloves, mace and allspice, with a race of ginger, into a saucepan with half a pint of water: let it boil until it is reduced one-half. Boil one bottle of port wine, burn a portion of the spirit out of it by applying a lighted paper to the saucepan; put the roasted orange and spice into the wine; stir it up well, and let it stand near the fire ten minutes. Rub a few knobs of sugar on the rind of a lemon, put the sugar into a bowl or jug, with the juice of half a lemon (not roasted), pour the wine into it, grate in some nutmeg, sweeten it to the taste, and serve it up with the lemon and spice floating in it.